As a Catholic School, St. Gregory promotes the development of happy responsible children who realize how God fits into everyday life and who have a personal commitment to God’s way. The children grow spiritually through classroom experience, liturgical planning and participation in prayer and worship. Students are given an opportunity to express creatively their growing relationship to God. St. Gregory recognizes the supreme worth of each individual student as God’s child and the importance of the family unit. Through our children, we reach out to strengthen the faith and effectiveness of our St. Gregory families. By fostering the development of a good self-image and self-discipline, St. Gregory reaches out to every aspect of growth; academic, spiritual, emotional, physical and social.

Mission Statement

St. Gregory Barbarigo Catholic Elementary School is an educational ministry which strives to ensure, through study, prayer, service and discipline, the Christian formation and the academic success of all its students in a nurturing and caring environment. St. Gregory primarily serves Catholic families; however, we also welcome those who respect our Catholic values and beliefs.

Nurturing the gifts of each child in a Christ centered environment!

Our Catholic Identity

Before Jesus completed His time on earth, He taught His disciples His lessons of how to live and work according to God’s command. He then sent them out into the world to share His Good News with the instruction to: “Go forth and do likewise”. In receiving this command, the disciples understood that they were to take all that they had learned from Jesus and use it as a model for how they should live and instruct others to live. It became for the disciples both their mission and identity.

At St. Gregory, we also strive to “Go forth and do likewise” by our faithful devotion to our Catholic identity. Our Catholic heritage is part of everything we do and is seen as a living part of our school and our activities. In our facilities, in our curriculum, and in our liturgy, evidence of our Catholic faith is present. As a mission of the Catholic Parish of St. Gregory Barbarigo, we work hard to extend our Catholic identity beyond our walls and into our local community.